01 – JAVA PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL – Installing the JDK (Mac, Windows, Linux)

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Download the Java SDK here:

Installing JDK for Windows:
1. Download the SDK.
2. Install the .exe file.
3. Press the Start Button, then click “My Computer”.
4. Click the ‘Local…

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  1. Thanks. This series got me on the right track. I wrote a palindrome checker program in Netbeans. It still doesn't like my "System.in.println" line though. So close to getting it right. Come on, Java!

  2. Hello Guys… !!!
    Can Someone PLZ Tell Me & HELP ME Out From This PROBLEM.. That My System Type Is WINDOWS 32-bit… But, Over There On ORACLE JAVA'S WEBSITE All The Programs Are For 64 & 86 Bits.. So, Now WHAT SHOULD I DO… ??? WHAT Program I Should Download… ??? & From Where.. ???

  3. your linux instructions are wrong. To install the program on linux, you will have to open terminal and type:

    sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

    Key in your admin password, and then you are done.

  4. after i do the step for mac
    Installing JDK for Mac:
    1. Press the Apple Logo at the top-left of your screen.
    2. Click 'Software Update'.
    3. Update and install.

    so what i have to do? where is the app i can found on my mac? i really don't understand of this step,…. this is just updates my app not download JDK right?

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