35 DEF SILQUE + CONRAD- Catria, Silque, Python, Forsyth & Valbar – Zofia's Call: Fire Emblem Heroes

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What’s up guys, I am Pheonixmaster1 & welcome for some more Fire Emblem Heroes. In this video, I go over the stats of Conrad, Valbar, Echoes Catria, Silque, Forsyth & Python from Zofia’s Call banner and I provide a mini Unit review of the units with my thoughts!

Conrad will be a GHB Unit and Valbar is directly added to 3*-4* pool…

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  1. Hopefully with this Echoes attention this means that Leon, Mathilda and Clive or even Berkut can get a refine soon. And maybe Legendary Celica is on the way.

  2. Is it just my phone or has anyone else had issues with the game randomly crashing since the latest update? Never had a problem before but now I've had 3 within the past week. Couldn't find anything on Twitter.

  3. I'm actually very happy with Conrad. I like his stats and I like his skills. More importantly, I can actually get him. If he was a 5 star exclusive, my chances of getting him would be ridiculously low, considering that I'm F2P. I'll just slap on the Res refine, Reposition, Odd Res Wave, and Quick Reposte, and he'll be ready to tank. Glacies is gonna be so disgustingly strong.

  4. They gotta stop trying to make enemy phase cavs, or they need cav-specific skills that boost enemy phase, because the stat penalty for having 3 movement ruins enemy phase.

  5. My disappointment mostly comes with Silque tbh. She powercreeps my Lissa's mixed bulk, with only slightly less speed. This is a problem because I have a level 40 lissa 5 stars with 10 merges and dragon flowers added AND summoner support and she's just reaching about 40 in every stat… and now there's a unit who easily reaches it with def/res and with the same HP too before too much investment. Not that going for the +10 Silque is worth it when compared to how common lissa is, but I would like something like new refinable weapons for staff units now to give them something unique. Not sure how it'd work though… but something for the original healers of heroes.

  6. If you think about it though, it makes sense that Conrad would have low ATK.
    In Echoes, everything but ATK was very high for him, so I have nothing against Nintendo staying true to Conrad's original stat growth in Echoes.

    EDIT :
    If you give Conrad distant counter he could murder mage units with that 35 RES.

  7. #question hey there Pheonix, love your content. Are you burnt out on FE: Heroes? I myself have taken breaks a couple times, but you have to crank out the content nearly non-stop. Hope you're feeling fine otherwise if that's the case.

  8. Hey PM1, just wanted to drop a comment to let you know that I’m happy to see you’re still doing videos! It seemed like from your Twitter that you were going to take a break but you’re still uploading pretty regularly. Take good care of yourself!

  9. (Echoes) Catria's Stats;
    HP: 41.
    Atk: 38.
    Spd: 36.
    Def: 27.
    Res: 24.

    Silque's Stats;
    HP: 39.
    Atk: 33.
    Spd: 23.
    Def: 35.
    Res: 31.

    Forsyth's Stats;
    HP: 47.
    Atk: 40.
    Spd: 20.
    Def: 39.
    Res: 33.

    Python's Stats;
    HP: 38.
    Atk: 32.
    Spd: 35.
    Def: 31.
    Res: 20.

    Conrad's Stats;
    HP: 40.
    Atk: 31.
    Spd: 22.
    Def: 34.
    Res: 35.

    Valbar's Stats;
    HP: 49.
    Atk: 35.
    Spd: 25.
    Def: 38.
    Res: 26.

    Me: Now that their datamine Stats are there, there are some of changes than the one U knew of their original Stats from FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia so that's shocking enough. Lol. ?

    Catria I thought of having her high Res & low Def but I was wrong… Anyways, she has decent high Def & bit of low Res which was a weird datamine change… ? but it happens anyhow. ?‍♂️

    Silque that I thought would had low Def & high Res as well but again, I was wrong. She has a good balanced 35 Def & 1 point over Spd which is 31. Probably good for support Staff due to her both Stats defensive wise if anything for the right IV's Spreads maybe for her low Atk included if U want to or not. ?

    Forsyth has a pretty solid base 40 Atk & good high Def & not bad Res. The downside is his Spd was low so that can be a problem being a bane but what can U do. ?

    Python can be Demoted I heard so I think he'll be from 5☆ to 4☆ or/& 3☆ due to his underrated skills he has but we shall see… Anyways, he has low Atk if U can make up for that. Good balanced Spd of making that offensive to double any foes slower & have lower Spd. 1 point over his Def which was decent & low Res which makes him vulnerable to mages or worst Red Mages since he's a Green Archer Units so best not to sent him reckless to put him for defensive measure.

    Conrad since IK he can get low Spd like Berkut & he has more defensive mixed Bulk Stats than he has but he such a low Atk than what of he has high Atk… IDK Y… ? Still, if Berkut was good on the damage, then that makes Conrad to go on the defensive measure to take some hit than going on ahead but mostly he goes against mages Effectively I guess as well as for Def he goes against Red since he's a Blue Lance Cavalier. ?‍♂️? Just watch out from the Weapon Effectiveness against Cavalry. ?

    Valbar has the highest HP out of them in this datamine. Good balanced Atk but low Spd yet his weapon will provide him for that to attack twice I guess. He's a very Physical Bulk Tanky unit to stand out out well but he has low yet 1 point over the Res decently… Also be careful from the Weapon Effectiveness against Armors… ?

    Awe man… ? I don't hear their old Crit Quotes from the main game they're from in FEH. Seems IS must've made the changes for the Characters Lines after all. ?

    Still, Great Job Pm1! ??? That was quick than I expected.

  10. I'm so glad all of these characters got in. I was expecting more Three Houses but this is a welcome surprise. Shadows of Valentia's voice acting was so good I really cared about almost everyone. The voice acting gave these characters a little bit more life than most Fire Emblem characters. Goodluck in your summons!

  11. I won‘t summon on the banner, instead I will fokus on this year’s Halloween banner. But I’m probably going to 5-star Conrad. Good luck for all of you who are summoning on this banner

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