6 iOS 11 Features Apple Copied from Samsung!

Here are some iOS 11 features that Apple copied from Samsung and Android.

iOS 11 Hidden Features – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyQ6MXFfYoU&t=25s

iPhone 7 iOS 11 vs Galaxy S8 Speed Test – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRD6mFykgYc&t=33s

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  1. Samsung did copy the apple key board tho

    And I don’t understand how apple copied by adding more options on the slide up thingie and samusang copied the curved screen, ect go watch other vids

  2. I don’t know what is this but I love this I don’t know why I still text this no I’m not texting it I’m just saying it my English is not good I’m trying to express my English

  3. It's nice to see that when apple copies something it is fine but if another phone even has a slight hint of an iphone design or something like that apple immediately sues them.Nowadays android is not slower than ios anymore, the samsung,huawei,google pixel,lg phones are allready terminating the iphones in features speed and better designs

  4. Did he just compare offloading apps on iOS to clearing cache of Android? -_-" that's some next level cringe here. disliked!
    (p.s samsung invented nothing of these, so why give them the credit?)

  5. Umm, Samsung copies all of those features, I’m not joking, that phone was released before that Samsung, and in the update notes they listed all those, the update notes from 2016, so iOS didn’t copy them, now you know what’s copied? FUCKING WATERPROOF OBVIOUSLY, Apple guy-we brought a new feature, waterproof, Samsung guy 5 months later- we brought a brand newer feature,waterproof!!! Samsung has to start innovative work

  6. I think apples the best..Why because Samsung Galaxy 8s is just while the IPhone already have a screenshot editor and when the apple announce that they made an IPhone with gold (which is IPhone 5) Samsung copied it….No hates… (I am an Android user before but now I'm an iOS user…P.S iPhone is is not friendly(a little)"

  7. I like what you were trying to do with this video, however, your last 2 points were not all that well researched. With Offload apps on the iPhone, the phone keeps the app data and important cached files and deletes the application from the phone. On Android, it does exactly the opposite. Android deletes the app data, but keeps the app installed. There is no way I am aware of that you can uninstall an app on Android, without loosing all the app data. I know that Apple's feature was actually copied from the Nextbit Robin. Furthermore, with regards to screen recording: iOS 11 has a system wide built in screen recording. The screen recording setting within Game Centre simply is a toggle to allow the system wide screen recorder to work while playing games. That being said, you are correct that many Android phones have had a screen recording feature built in.

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