6 SECRET HIDDEN Android Tricks You Did not know! (2017)

Hey Guys! In this Video, i will show you TOP 6 Best Amazing Hidden Hacks and USEFUL Android Features you didn’t know or don’t use! We all have these awesome features in our Android Phones but don’t care about them. LET ME SHOW YOU BEST ANDROID TIPS AND TRICKS!!

Video goes through:
1. Screen Pinning
2. Screen Search
3. Increase Internal Storage
4. Android App Notifications Manager
5. Do Not Disturb Mode
6. Smart Lock

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  1. Hey kid we all know this feature u r teaching us how to use smartphone??? u r showing other feature and saying this simple feature we all know more than u I think u understood this feature now

  2. Bhi ma USB connect karti ho mobile sa through USB connector but wo show nai hoti screen pa or na koi file milti ha mobile ma can you help me how can i resolve this issue

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