63: How to Create a PHP Gallery Part 1 | HTML Markup Setup | Upload Image to Website | PHP Tutorial

In this PHP tutorial you will learn how to create a simple PHP gallery that allow for you to upload images to your website folder. In this way we can create a dynamic image gallery on our website.

In this part 1 video we will create the markup using HTML and CSS to get our website ready for the PHP code. And then in the following tutorials we will create the PHP which will upload images and display images in our gallery.

Download Images Here: https://www.pexels.com/

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  1. Hi,
    awesome video thanks for sharing knowledge
    need your help i get this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$stmt' (T_VARIABLE) error but i cant get to figure out the problem
    please help

  2. Amazing tutorials. It really helps to learn because you always always ALWAYS repeat information which helps to memorize better. You are gifted teacher and know this golden rule: repetitio est mater studiorum. Maybe in the future you will make more projects with autoloaders, Clases, Composers and OOP. 🙂 You changing lives!

  3. You have the best tutorials I've ever found!

    Can you tell me please how to open light gallery with javascript when images are just background images in div as you say at the beginning in video. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for your time, you are the best!

  4. This is a really good video!! keep on! just a little thing, at minute 20:00 i'm not sure if it fixes the "clearing the cache", you can refresh the page and tell him to completly reload all dependant files by CTRL+F5 i think it makes it quicker than going through the chrome menus 😉

  5. Hey Daniel, how can I go about getting your autograph? I've watched a lot of your tutorials and they've helped me out in my career. I'd love to have it framed on my wall above my workstation.

  6. I would actually not mind if you also explain the CSS styling, because it gives a complete view on how to create a good result. You could insert a skip-button in the video for those who are not interested.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Is there a way to for example, I just arrived from a photo shoot and have video and photos, i want to just put straight to a web page. (the files will be behind locked area so only paid members can view it) Do i just need a way of auto adding the video name, size and location (which i can just have as /access all the time, so only the /filename needs to be added to the html)

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