8 Giant Snakes Explained

From the world’s largest anacondas to enormous man eating python images today we breakdown 8 infamous giant snake images and explain just exactly what’s going on with them.

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  1. snakes r getting bigger and bigger. They never stop growing.

    Some exotic snakes bought as pets either escaped or were set free when they got too big in Florida. Mostly burmese phythons. They have been breeding with local snakes and can now survive in colder climates and r moving north. Some of the hybrids have been seen and caught in new york. Some of those have grown to about 15 foot. They r kiling wildlife in the florida swaps including crocs and aligators. As they have no natural predators in the USA they r not being killed so just keep growing and growing.

  2. 85% of the crap pictures on the internet are photoshopped. Snakes bigger than semi trucks would have to be eliminated, since they would be a major threat to humans if they got near a city or town.

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