Alfred DIY Security Camera

Turn an old Android phone into a web-based security camera. Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth finds out who’s been stealing his pop.

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  1. Looks like an awesome, simple to use, app! Was 100% gonna download it, but I swear to you, I'm not going to because of the lame ass douche. I mean that literally. Both that I'm not going to use this app I need and want, and that it's because of that person, who is literally a poorly constructed, feminine hygiene product.

  2. My only question is, do I need to have all phones activated in order for me to use the app from my main phone? In order words do I need to pay 3 cell phone bills in order for me to use 3 cameras in my home?

  3. I just bought a $100 battery operated camera that didn't even alert me when it detected motion…it just put a notification icon on my phone..pointless.. Sending it back

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