Amazing Ball Python collection in N. Cal!

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  1. y… I just put out my first video today.. I operate reptilian safehouse in Reno nv.please take a view and give any feedback on how to get the story and message out or even a fallow.. Ur story hit my heart cause of what we do here in the safehouse… Loyal fallower and reptile keeper and breeder money Johnson

  2. Guys that vlog was totally AWSOME!! Thankyou so much for taking us on this journey with you!! Thankyou for all you're hard work, dedication and love for all the beautiful snakes you produce and will produce in the future! Much love from across the pond south west UK LOVE GEM.XXX

  3. Good stuff you guys nice animals. The thing I like about Jason Amos is that he's always willing to share knowledge and to help you out in any way he can. Good guy Justin and Chaise

  4. Awesome video Justin and so nice to see Chase in the videos and you guys looked great at Tinley 🙂 I've been watching everyone's videos that got posted from there since i couldn't make the trip. Those Ball Pythons in this video are absolutely gorgeous and great guy to hangout with and talk about genetics !! :o) Rather ironic my male and female 20 year old Boa Constrictor Occidentalis that I've raised from babies came from Cindy and Eugene Bessette out of Archer Florida 🙂

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