Android Application Development Tutorial – 111 – TableLayout and Intro SQLite Database

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  1. Should I add all new Classes from this tutorial to the manifest in the same way as we've done previously (by just copying a previous one and changing the android:name? Or do I only add the ones that extend activity?

  2. Good video but it would've been better if you didn't set up before starting because some of us are a little baffled on what goes where and all that, just letting you know

  3. hey bucky can we run search queries like search for a entered name and click a search button to view results?
    will it be efficient here or have to use some methods or something ?

  4. @jazzninja77 do you mean I can put the sql server db .mdf file in the asset folder and then use sql to transfer data and tables between the sql server db and the sql lite db

  5. Hey Abdul,
    You can do this by putting your existing database into the assets folder of your app and then copying the data into a newly created db using myNewDB.execSQL("INSERT INTO " + myNewTable + " SELECT * FROM " + myOldTable); Good luck

  6. Hi Travis
    I have a sql server database with about 10 related tables in it, which i want to use in my android app. Is it possible to import the database tables and their relationship into sqlite. If so can you please do a tutorial on how to import a sql server database into a sqlite database including their relationships.

    Thanking you in advance. And yes your videos rock!

  7. hi buddy,likes your tutorials amazing man….just wanna some help in my app. I got a phpBB forum and a website as well all of them use XAMPP my app I need to connect my sigup,login forms with the DB in XAMPP. But I don't what files or classes I need.can you get me some help or send some place where I can get a guide..thumbs up

  8. Earlier on in the tutorials I mentioned that I wasn't as happy with these tutorials than the other Java ones ~ I just wanted to take that back, these tutorials are amazing and I thoroughly enjoy these as much/maybe even more than the other tutorials 🙂 Thank you Travis!

  9. I just want to ask I'm going to develop an Android Application about the Countries of the world wherein it will display its capital, currency used, type of Government etc. I'm just confused whther i should use an sqlite database for this application. Can you please help me. Thank You

  10. you could explain how these rows and stuff work A LOT better… all of a sudden were deleting rows and i had dropped text views in there and when u did it u did it all casual like it didnt matter.

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