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  1. Tell me one thing, if someone is listening to this tutorial (even with this keyboard thak thak thak) that means he's a beginner and he doesn't know anything about what's going on… didn't you think for even a second that you should be talking as you working on it? So we could understand what f**k is this Asynch etc…

  2. sir i have a problem …..
    "<item> tag requires a 'drawable' attribute or child tag defining a drawable"

    .so i want that you make a video on this problem
    & plz help me …..

  3. This is really good video . Can you tell me how we can compare usename and password with database and android studio , i mean for example one user described on database with username and password , and this user can login on android how can we do this ?

  4. Hello sir, Nice Video. But I have a problem. I am also hosting on Hostinger but I my website link starts with https instead of http. And I followed all your steps but user is not registering in my online MySQL database. Please help me.?

  5. Sir please make one video
    Login Android app using MySQL database & php after login user see the our information in navigation drawer name field and also see the name or photo
    And how to upload image using in registeration form.

    Please reply sir and you also send project my email address is

  6. hello tech@ground I have followed whole video .
    in php file it is giving error when opened ,Undefined Index at email,password username .
    kindly help .I need it for my college project! thank you.

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