Android Tutorial 16 – Load List – Click Item – Load Another List Download projects here! By request, this is an extension on example 15. This tutorial shows how to create a list from a database, click on an item from that list, then pass the result of that click to another activity, AND THEN ANOTHER LIST in the new activity based on the passed variable.

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  1. This isn't working for me when I adapt it to my own database.  The LogCat says can't open database.  Quit using SO b/c they're know-it-all jerks who don't help, just condemn.

  2. Unfortunately, the backend I use for hosting only lets me use a single payment gateway. And paypal are a bunch of evil shit heads whom I will never do business with.

  3. hello sir.. i followed your steps but i am getting error when application loads into emulator i.e. FORCE CLOSE.. pls tell me that whether u had used the foreign key for author_id.. and where to pass the value of string[] args={id}; becouse i am confused aboute where we are actully using this value… and please explain me the SELECT _id,book_name FROM Book WHERE author_id=? becouse these query does not returning the value in list view of activity2

  4. Hi , Sir …
    Please i need your help , I'm a new anrdoid programer. recently i saw your videos on youtube , So i would like to buy a copy for your project to help me like a sample , so when I enter to your website and i click to buy , after follow the other steps for my credit card information , an error appears tell me :

    this website is experiencing technical problems please try later and sorry for any inconvenient
    i wait for your answer soon
    so please can you help me………..thnxs

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