Android Tutorial & Lessons 2: Setting up a Project and Explaining the Basics

Android Tutorial & Lessons 2: Setting up a Project and Explaining the Basics:

Check out the forum discussion for this lesson for help:

What’s up my peepz? (who says peepz anymore?) This lesson will get you up and running, and even an absolute beginner can do it. Sorry I still have that nasty cold, so please forgive my sniffing noises, my strange nasally voice, and other distractions. Please subscribe and thumbs up the video and…

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  1. this is pathetic. I need a more updated tutorial. with WINDOWS not mac.

    why is the code full of errors each and every time i open a new project? No matter on what computer too.

    cant someone just for once design an IDE which isnt fucking painful to use?

  2. ijikey2, I had the same problem. Took me 2 days to find a solution (felt like a week). The gen folder should have 2 auto-generated files; BuildConfig and In Eclipse, go to Windows->Android SDK Manager to view the tools, make sure Platform-tools and any SDK Platform (for the specific API desired) are installed. restart Eclipse, open project and gen folder should be populated.

  3. bro under android folder i am not getting the option of android project, i have only android sample project,test project etc etc what to do

  4. I have the same problem as IdoShamriz2951997. It doesn't show Android Project, but does show Android Application Project.. When I continue going through Android Application Project., on the side bar it does have src, but their is no drop down menu. What is wrong with it. It wou

  5. it is not working for me 🙁 when i'm pressing new – android, it doesn't show me android project, though it shows me android application project.
    is that it?because it is preety differenet but yet it has some similarities of the one in your video.
    hope that you will be able to answer me:)

  6. tnx for making this tutorial, you're great man!
    God bless you. 🙂
    I wanna learn how to develop android coz i know it's the big thing nowadays and it's cool.
    THank you for sharing your knowledge to us 🙂

  7. Hi, this is lesson 2. Where is lesson 1, please. I searched everywhere but couldn't find it. I am an absolute beginner and it seems your lesson 2 is a continuation of lesson 1. Thanks in advance.

  8. check the version/compatibility stuff on the android developer web page… everything's moving forward at the speed of light.. the tutorial as such seems ok.. my 2c a a newbie

  9. i do not have the android project option is there something i didnt download or could it be that i have a different version then youi mean after all it has been over a year since the video was made????? altho your videos have heled out so far and im sure they will remain that way. help plz

  10. when i go to new project, i dont have any option for Android application. althou my eclipse isnt called "Java – Eclipse" like yours, its called "Java EE – Eclipse" please help me 🙂

  11. @PsychoBoyJack11 watch cornboyzAndroid's first video on the tutorial. it has something to do with refreshing target display box. i think you have to apply the path where you extracted your android sdk.

  12. @965mods don't the images get re-scaled though for the screen on the phone? Are these folders just to help in case you want clarity that is not modified by scaling?

  13. I just started learning about Eclipse. How do I get more targets to show up. When I create a new project, only Android 4.0.3 shows up. I tried updating all the older targets (1.6 – 3.0) with SDK manager, but they still don't show up when I create a new project. Any suggestions?

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