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  1. I wanted you to be alerted that I am NOT getting notifications on all your videos. I did get this video but not your latest. I verified that the bell was checked and it was.

  2. Ace What browser do you use..I always use chrome for my smartphone..Today I updated to latest version..OMG this thing made my lg v40 even faster everything is faster..try it out

  3. Even the iMore app on the iPhone doesn’t have options like the forums and dark mode on iMore on android. Who would’ve thought that? The iMore app on android is better than the iOS version lol.

  4. Hey I could get a note 10 plus for $730 or s10 plus for $550 is it worth the extra $180 for the s pen I’ve watched videos and it doesn’t seem like something I’d find that useful but I don’t know having a pen inside an already incredible phone would be really cool here and there I’m coming from iPhone which should I get??

  5. Man! I’m over here trying to decide which one I want to keep. Note 10+ or iPhone 11 pro Max. Every time I put SIM card in note. I take it out and then it goes back into Iphone because I can send clear pics and videos to other iPhones. Love scheduled messages and the way you can do different things in Samsung messages. How do you get over the fact that you can’t send clear pics and videos when using Samsung. Help me out Ace ???

  6. Calm down Ace. You're all hyped up because of the Apple phone is putting radiation into your brain man. It's reception is bad because the CPU is busy messing with you man. Apple has manipulated everyone so much our brains are short circuiting. I'm staying with my V40 man!

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