Another Monsoon Clutch ??? Ball python Egg Cutting !!!

Edit By: Lord Elion

Camera man: Austin

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  1. By what name am I looking for this black platform where you lay the eggs?

    I can not find to buy, I found it fantastic.

    Does the percentage of water change in the substrate?

    I loved the videos, congratulations !!

  2. I think it's really cool that you have Monsoon in your collection! It's just a matter of time before you get some more visual babies. I would love to have that in mine! Has anyone made a Monsoon Clown yet or would that be a world's first in the future? I wonder which pattern takes precedence in that combo. It would be gorgeous if it came out with a Monsoon pattern on the body with a Clown head!

  3. Hey billy I have a question since I watch all your videos and your a master in this hobby I dont really follow much on the spotnose gene can you fill me in on what it is to look for in a spotnose like is there a spot on there nose or am I just dumb and dont pay enough attention only reason I'm asking because I see it alot now in the clown morphs and stuff so if you have time I know your busy could you just give me your knowledge on spotnose. Thanks Brett

  4. Just did a billy!! I'm screaming at the video shouting just cut the eggs forgetting I can just fast forward to the possible monsoon clutch . Loving the Mojave lavs….. keep it really and carry on the awesome vids.

  5. Iv been wayting this so im writing before whatching, Hope To see Some monsoon combos 😉 !! Thanks billy again when i wake i have a New video To look and make my morning so much better :)!! Greetings from finland!!

  6. As usual nice looking bunch of basics and I can’t wait to see the updates.
    The artwork you have is great . Don’t know if you have muscle shirts in your merch or not , however if you don’t perhaps expand your merch line to include muscle shirts for other’s like yourself who have allot of body art to display.
    On another note to be more environmentally conscious have you thought about using facecloths or hand towels to cut the eggs on and wipe your hands ?

  7. Maybe you had bad mojo because you did not wear a snake t-shirt representing yourself or someone else. Looking forward to seeing the clutch you get next year from the het to het monsoon. That being said , the last clutch came out amazing. Love all the bright colors and what not , looking forward to the update !!!
    Have a blessed day !!!

  8. Love you videos between always evolving bhb and of course chandlers wildlife I'm starting to fall in love with snakes even though I had a very bad incident with a dimanod back when I was a teenager

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