Appium Python Tutorial – Appium Desktop Setup for Android with Desired Capabilities

Welcome to MobileTesting YouTube channel.

In this video we will learn how to install Appium GUI Desktop application in Mac and then configure our Android Real Device with Desired Capabilities.

Appium Doctor:


export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/venkateshakula/Desktop/Softwares/androidsdk
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/venkateshakula/Desktop/Softwares/androidsdk/build-tools

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  1. I've installed Appium 1.7.2 version but couldn't able to see the location of Appium folder in program files. I need to automate Appium server start through code to that I need to configure Appium.js for that looking where it is located in local machine

  2. Hi There, Thank you for uploading this video.
    Few Questions..

    1) You said that you have real device connected. Is there a way we can connect virtually without physically connecting the device in developer mode.
    Will the Virtual device emulator explained in below tutorial serve the same purpose?

    2) I am getting bit confused on appPackage and appActivity the capabilities.
    I believe we can get this info as explained in below tutorial?

    Many thanks in advance.

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