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  1. Android definitely gives you more options..which is why i will probably stick with them…Have you compared photos from these phones though?if you haven't, do me that favor

  2. ..i still recommend an iphone for people that do alot with pictures/video and are not as tech savvy. i have pictures from my 4s, one x and nexus 4. the pictures and video from the 4s are ridiculously better.

  3. nice show tom
    I currently use the Nexus 4 which is pretty good.I probably wont get another iPhone any time soon..However, with android, the speaker phone and regular phone dont do a good job of outside noise cancellation. The audio with video files is complete static when your filming in a loud area. If i want to send a video text I need to film it in a low quality mode *1st* rather than the phone converting an HD file and sending??WTF?? it is slower with loading apps and web pages.

  4. This guy and video is funny it's like watching comedy talk some sense into those I sheep this is coming from a x apple fan boy they will never get nothing out of my pocket again

  5. Here in Sweden 4G doesnt work on i5 due to incopatibility in the signal, those sheeps still praise this girly senior "Smartphone"… Go figure…

  6. As usual.. Athanasios.. You are awesome on this.. I'm texting the link to my apple fan boy friends who by the way have been extremely quiet on the smartphone talk in recent months.. Ha!

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