The battle between the two tech giants Apple and Samsung will probably never end as long as they are producing smartphones and tablets. The Apple vs Samsung debecable have been going on for years now and while Samsung still supplies Apple with key components for their popular iOS device there’s no doubt it has sparked a lot of heat between the two fan clubs. It is literally Apple vs Android on a lot of major forums and even here on YouTube.

The two companies could not be more different yet…

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  1. With that said all computers use trickery as a means to an end. Images are made of pixels. Animations are made of images being updated to the screen. Nothing that you see on your screen is real. However I do like the pinch to zoom effect that IOS uses and compared to the Android it was a little better user experience for me. I would like to see Android remove the animations from the main thread and render animations in the background. That is one thing they could learn from IOS. 

  2. What about Windows Phone? Do you know anything about how they do Pinch to Zoom? (In their newest software Windows 7.5) I've been looking at phones for quite the while and consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the topic, I've owned an Apple iPhone and an Android. I want my next phone to be a Windows Phone, I really love how smooth, clean, and quick the OS is. They may have less apps, but they have the essentials. Anyways, any idea on how they handle pinch to zoom?

  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and it doesn't lag. I'm not hating on Apple. I own an iPad and a MacBook Pro and soon to be an iMac. I guess you bought a bad unit. I've tested some Nexus' and some are quick. Not sure what went wrong there.

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