AWS: Setting S3 Bucket trigger on Lambda

Welcome to the AWS Lambda tutorial with Python P4. In this tutorial I have shown, how to setup an S3 Bucket trigger on AWS Lambda along with the IAM role that is required.
CloudFormation Template:


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  1. Hello guys,
    I'm planning to do a Python tutorial series in parallel to AWS tutorials. Is this something you will be interested in? Please let me know in comments.

  2. Hi,Great work.
    Can you tell me what if we want to add several event types(like you showed for object created),do we need to create separate trigger each time?

  3. Hi,I have added s3 bucket to lambda function.It is showing error as follows:
    Configurations overlap. Configurations on the same bucket cannot share a common event type. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidArgument

    Actually I am using aws amplify to build my serverless framework and have added hosting resource to which s3 bucket is attached and the same bucket I am using for lambda function.can you please suggest me the feasible solution for it.

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