Beginner Java Tutorial #1 Beginner Programming Concepts

This video covers a couple basic concepts that everyone should know if they want to start programming. These concepts are not just Java specific and include; Arithmetic Operators, Order of Operations and Variables. Check out my channel as I will have more beginner Java video tutorials coming.

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  1. Kind of. There is no "exponent" operator in Java. It is provided as a function call, which means it will always be within parenthesis. The ^ symbol is a bitwise operator that does an XOR (or can be a boolean operator when operating on boolean types).

  2. holy shit after watching like the first 2 min of the video, i noticed our keyboards don't have the elementary school division sign…wtf. i have been using the computer since like a little baby… how did i not c this.

  3. It really makes no difference. Since for example dividing x by 4 is exactly the same as multiplying by 1/4. Likewise for addition and subtraction. x – 3 is the same as x + – 3. No difference. Parenthesis and Indices make a difference though.

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