Beginner PHP Tutorial – 167 – Creating Captcha Image Security Part 4

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  1. For those who are having problems with the code:
    1) check if the GD and freetype libraries are installed
    2) check if the callie hand .ttf file have numbers! The ones that I found only include letters so I decided to download another font
    3) in the imagettftext function, include './' in the beginning of the font path

    Numbers 2 and 3 solved my problems

  2. for($x=0;$x<4;$x++){


    This way captcha looks cooler…

  3. can u help me? and u make a video like this, and send me a link, but what i need is, a captcha with nub/let, and when u hit, he just refresh page with an image that i want
    my problem is, when i type : <mg src="generate.php" br
    it ill try to looking for a webpage of my website, it doesnt create… :/

  4. Even if you type the right captcha, it should change it, because assume you are sending a message through contact form, then that bot will only have to make it correct one time and then it can easily send multiple messages and spam our inbox

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