BEST Android OS For PC And Laptop – Play Android Games On PC Without Emulator!

This video shows you the Best Android OS For PC to play android games like PUBG Mobile without any lag.

Download PrimeOS –

How To Uninstall PrimeOS –

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  1. I got a question, say if i did it on a backup account, will my main account be normal windows but my backup is different? Because i plan on downloading this because i made a new pc account and i was wondering if this is the case. Please reply? if you do and it's true, i promise to subscribe and support you.

  2. Bro will pubg mobile work with prime os in my pc .
    Pc Spec's :
    2gb ddr3 ram
    Intel hd integrated graphics card
    Windows 7 32bit operating system
    Intel i3 processor

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