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  1. Going from C to Python is like jumping in a time machine in 1970 that takes you directly to the year 2000.
    Going from Python to C is more like dying and going directly to hell.

    PS: I am in love with these lectures from CS50. Forever grateful for those that have put so much effort and resources into the video production. So sharp and well done.

  2. i tried to migrate my old cloud9 to aws, but i only have "download/migrate" in my dashboard! when i go on my workspaces, i see "cs50 ide" and the "hardware stats! i don't have a terminal to put in the bash-script and i don't have the (+) as explained in the description to open terminal??? anyone can help? thanks from germany!

  3. Hello , I want to take a CS50 course on Python for web development with JavaScript, is the course still valid for certificates? Because i need a certificate on Python

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