EASY Chorus Fruit Farm (AFK Chorus Fruit – Minecraft Java)

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make a lossless, easy, AFK’able Chorus Fruit Farm. This farm uses a zero-tick machine to fast grow the Chorus Plant one stage. The AFK player, holding down both the right and left mouse key, mines that Chorus Flower and then the Chorus plant to try for the Chorus Fruit drop. As soon as that stem is mined, the player automatically plants the Chorus Flower back down and the process repeats itself. You can use the F3+T trick to go AFK, and walk away…

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  1. Why not replace the forward item piston with a hopper minecart? This way as you continue to use it, it gets picked up by the minecart after your inventory is full… Also 0 tick = no bedrock (sorry errybody)

  2. Hey bro dude chad alpha male and felloe minecrafter, i really like your content, but i am on bedrock edition, so if you see this, is there, by chance, any you make a bedrock editon farm please. Have a good day

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