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  1. So basically if I don't have a HH and an Aurabot I should just sell all my emblems. I wanted to run them but if i'm just going to lose money there is no point. Kind of disappointing

  2. Today's patch fixed a bug that maraketh jewels weren't dropping, guess that's why you haven't gotten any in 100+ runs and that probably means they won't stay at 20ex+ once they start dropping normally.

  3. I wonder how a bunch of these top end players acquire a headhunter belt so early in a season, must be some "sketchy" stuff going on, maybe buying currency with real money or just taking handouts from a large group of guildies/supporters, ill leave it to our imaginations 🙂

  4. I allways hesitated to do the conflict cause i 4/5 times i got minirollback and lost all loot and the fragments… is it still like this? If you cant make up for the loss due to crash and rollback you can have best gear for nothing

  5. It's rather disappointing that you encourage players to play ranged in this league just because it's extremely efficient. Why do not you show us an exciting and fresh mechanic in a melee build?

  6. Hey ,I ve been enjoying your guides … but I gotta ask you to make a build guide for your char .. like how u started the league and how u got to the HH , I would love to follow it.

  7. Hey Grimro,

    im super interrested in playing Tornado Shot. Ilvled it to 70 (and it was a realy hard struggle….) now im there all acts completed and dont realy know how to scale my Tornado Shot guy into maps…
    I spend a lot on currency into the char now but it still feels not realy good (like 20 ex)… Can u make a progression guide for gear etc? Like what to focus on improving? I know every playstyle needs their own adjustings but i just dont find any good Tornado Shot "guide" where i can see how to progress gear/gems/passives.

    Would be super nice if u could do something like new lvl 70–>lvl 95 Endgame progression Infos.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. I honestly think they should just make headhunter not work on killing the legion rares. It should be impressive to get 5 bars of loot, not easily enabled with one item.

    Like I’m glad you’re having fun and making money man, and I’m not jealous by any means, I absolutely love this league and I’ve made tonnes of money. I just believe it shouldn’t be this rewarding this easily.

  9. can you do a build guide video of your character? I know you have an expensive character but if that the type of build you feel like we should use for legion fights I'd love to try to follow something like your build

  10. just fyi, but there's no point in running tailwind when you have temp chains, even with kaoms the temp chains negate your tailwind

    regarding the jewels, maybe make a scion with all jewel sockets, and test out the jewels in every slot to see what they do where?

  11. they should just get rid of Headhunter, thats the real problem to "balance", if u r speaking about restricting the bars to 5… Try to do that without the Headhunter….

    I mean i like ur content just for entertainment and this lootexplosions, but HH just destroys it for me.

    Its so terrible to look at and besides that, imho it destroys balance. Normally i just skip any poe Youtuber who uses HH, but at least u have some useful Information in those vids 😉
    So thx for that man.

  12. Hey, did a little research some time ago about action speed so it might be useful here:
    To try and keep this short:
    Action speed is like a moreless multiplier to movement, cast and attack speed. You start with a 1 modifier.
    "Action speed cannot be modified to below base value" means if your action speed is below 1, for example with temp chains on, it is set to 1 – which means temp chains' action speed portion will not have an effect on you but the buff/debuff duration will.
    Something worth noting is if you are using Tailwind (10% more action speed) it wouldn't give any benefit since temp chains will reduced action speed to below 1 even with max tailwind stacks, which will then be set to 1 regardless..

  13. HH with Support I don't know about that. Try to upload a video Solo ( no support ) no HH and prove this is the right build let see if its true. No offense any build is right build as long as there's support + HH this video is just false lie.

  14. I do not think there's too much loot. I mean, it is a problem for super efficient people like you, but majority of players that does not have time to invest into such builds or just does not enjoy such gameplay, is very happy about the additional drops. If there comes a point, where you have no reason to farm timeless domain, because you are drowning in money, be it so… move to other characters and/or content. Do not preach for loot limit, just because you are starting to get bored. That you have so much loot you cant even sell it all.

    The market saturation with timeless jewels is not a bad thing, its inevitable be it sooner or later.*

    Scarcity of maraketh jewels is offset to other loot being plenty. Those are supposed to be chase drops like headhunter, therefore they can't drop every run.

    Thank's for the videos, they're always a pleasure to watch.

    *Well, you found a bug ;D

    "Fixed a bug where the Brutal Restraint unique Timeless Jewel was not able to drop in the Domain of Timeless Conflict." – Those were suposed to drop.

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