Emoji Ball Python at Always Evolving Pythons!

Check out this new video! “THE LARGEST GATHERING OF SNAKES IN THE WORLD! (Narcisse Snake Dens, Manitoba, Canada)”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iHEQb5IOKI –~–
This episode features Miguel Garcia from Always Evolving Pythons and his amazing group of ball python morphs.

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  1. I remember when the piebalds, bumblebee, & other morphs first came out for sale..it was crazy..& the prices were insane!! Although worth it.

  2. Miguel has some amazing collection of snakes I kind started the same way lol My wife wouldn't let me have a snake and then she let our youngest get one and well my foot was in the door my daughter got a ball python from a friend I did a little research on u-tube now we've got five and now I'm looking in to starting a project shhh it's a secret.., Ausome video Dav have an amazing day brother

  3. Great showcase! Miguel has a phenomenal collection, and looking at pieds never gets old! I'm loving the clown and bamboo stuff too.
    Thank you for doing what you do, Dāv. Have an incredible day!

  4. Great video! Miguel has some beauties, and that Clown that had the headstamp that looks like a chalice I think might be the parent of my Pastel (possible Blade) Clown male! He has the same headstamp!

  5. I met Miguel in person great passionate of doing ball python! I’m looking forward more into business and success at same time! Keep up Miguel you’re doing wonderful job brotha! Dav, I’m looking forward meeting you soon hopefully in Cali in July sir. Thank you!

  6. Wow your getting your subs up there nice brother. And aep def has some really nice balls I got my first from him. I think he's close to 9k now if I'm not mistaken

  7. Great video David. 3 people that I really like A lot in this hobby altogether in this video. Dav do you know there other body Yooper? Hes another cool guy.?

  8. Miguel is great positive breeder in the reptile community!! He has a an awesome collection!! And a super friendly guy to meet in person. Thanks Dav great video!!

  9. I have watched Miguel' s vidoes for awhile now. And I must say I like him in your video better than when he makes his own. He seems relaxed and more natural and like to see him get excited about his collection. Its easy to forget how blessed you are to have what you have . I think you captured the best Miguel that I have watched. So good job. One question I wish you would have asked him. How much has he spent on his collection. Lol oh and in front of Turtle so we can see her face. I love watching both of you. We are lucky to have such down to earth guys to watch and share are passion for this hobby. Thanks for all you do.

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