Encasing A Monument In GLASS! | Python's World (Minecraft Survival Let's Play S3 1.14) | Episode 34

Minecraft Survival LP – Making large progress on the ocean monument by encasing it in glass!
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Welcome to my Minecraft Survival Let’s Play! In this Minecraft LP, we’ll be building,…

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  1. PythonMc Been here since episode 1 and still watching watched every livestream, It’s crazy to see how far you’ve come, Keep up the great work, I rewatched episode 1 tonight and I very much enjoyed it

  2. I had a moment to chat with iskall85 today while he was live streaming and he says that a single guardian farm reaches Max entity limit. Ergo having a second one may not be helpful. However maybe you'll have more spawning in faster and can have an advantage that way.

  3. Bro can you make more base in your world like the base should have a theme of pirates,eygptians,wild west, futureristic, dark ages , frosbite age/ice age,lost city,jurrasic , neon mixtape or 80s and you should make like a beach base

  4. Can you do more live streams? I love the longer videos! Also, I have to say, with a voice as animated as yours, I expected you to look quite derpy. But you're actually very strapping… Love the beard! As always, love the videos. Keep it up! 😀

  5. Hey Python why don’t you use shulker box’s they would help a lot with things like bringing all the sand back to your base. Keep up the good work, love your vids

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