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  1. @GoogleDevelopers Project Butter was Jelly Bean's finest addition to optimize the performance area and smooth the user experience, so to keep adding to the table with the upcoming Key Lime Pie make sure please to add whatever Policies/APIs to keep the developers away from those bad coding habits (like for example the app occupy/restore to memory even if i close it) which by the way will optimize the battery life #WeNeedIt.

  2. And what that automatically sets it as "unproductive"? So you gotta be a developer to be productive? Im a software dev myself and even Im not that ignorant.

    At any rate Im done explaining the meaning of life to you, next time you bash something, remember, different nails fit different holes. Something a billion dollar company like Google figured out and you didnt, which explains both your respective positions. Bye now.

  3. Omg. You're not very bright are you? Some people who only work with documents and prefer their files to be on the cloud all the time, who also travel a lot. Say they have a Chromebook at their office/destination and another back at home. So the guy finishes his presentation and home; he can immediately come to him office without manually storing the presentation files, just log into his account via office Chromebook and present. As an example. Isnt that productive?

  4. OK. It can't do: Development, 3D moddeling, music composition, video editing, gaming, image editing, and much much more.. So by your logic everything that supports web browsing is considered productive, right?

  5. All in all you mention ONE reason- development. If you read my earlier comment, I said it doesnt suit well here, but that doesnt mean its not productive for any other tasks either. I understand your ignorance forbids you from understanding something a 4 year old baby with an impartial mind would, but that doesnt mean the rest of the world talks nonsense. Get rid of your stupidity first, then come back and reply to this.

  6. Chrome OS is FAAAAR from productive. You can't install IDE's, or compilers on it Can't hook it up to projector. You can only use web-based apps which doesn't do much and are slow. It is useless for developer. So stop talking nonsense.

  7. Not really. Google has their Chrome OS which is "productive" in its own way, meaning it interacts with the cloud far better than any other OS out there. But that isnt whats important for a presentation so obviously Chromium doesnt suit well here. OSX isnt productive in some areas, Windows isnt in others, and the same goes for Chrome as is shown here.

  8. apple is for people for whom money comes and jump into their wallet no matter even when they are idle but google is for people for whom every penny they earn is very valuable

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