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  1. Do you have to purchase the emu through owning an andriod divice? or can you get it through pc dl? Anyway if you can emulate gpx2 games look this game creation software: i'm pretty idle so have not made any games but if feels like a 2d version of blenders game engine- easy to do basic stuff with point/click setups but uses c code which is less long winded to type and you can chain link projects to create games of infinate size! Sad it has few well known games (city of rot on steam) but it ran way faster than game maker ever did and held more data without crashing- only downside is its strictly 2d and only has basic scale funtions, no rotation apart from what you animate yourself but it can handle the extra animations easly enough. In conclusion you could use the g.e soft and your emulator to make games for android in a noob friendly software….

  2. its quite an accomplishment, but the GP2X itself is kind of hampered, it doesn't even have a GPU, why not just go straight to making an optimized SNES emulator for the G1, cutting the middle man

  3. I do'nt wanna run this thru the terminal emulator…why not a straight apk? you need to get this one xda developers or the market….xvid and divx? i hope so!!! i needs that on me g1!!!!

  4. Will this be released on the Android Market? And will it have the bundle of emulators incl. or just seperate? I have yet to see better emulators on the Market- let us know when you post the alpha/beta apk online or on the Market!! Keep up such awesome work

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