How much can a solo game developer earn – my story

In this video I wanted to share my own experience of developing my very first game for iOS and Android, and also tell about my budgets and my revenues. I hope it will help to get some ideas about mobile game development. As an example I use my game – Ailment.
Ailment – Android/iOS pixel-art style mobile game. The game available on:

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  1. Good job – and game looks good. Nice to see your success. I'm coming from other side – progammer by job, 3d artist by hobby 🙂 No finished project tho, I'm still thinking that my ideas are not good enough…

  2. Ohh shit, I just installed ailment this morning and now this video shows up.. My paranoid me is worried, my naive me is surprised and happy for the coincidence! 😀

  3. Хаха.. спасибо за видеоклип. Теперь, мне тоже пытаясь сделать на моя игра по Unity3D. Если ты ищешь кого-то еще, чтобы помочь с этим, я хотел бы работать с русским дизайнером CGI, так как это мой самый слабый навык.

  4. Cool!! This is an awesome story, extreme dedication and cool that you are realizing your dream, people can learn from that! Once tried to make an RPG in RPG maker, created the story, characters, boss battles and world building / settings, (lets say the game was on 10%) but needed to do all the coding of events / text mechanics and all the other details. Basically I did the easy part. So I thought ''what do I actually want to accomplish?'' Well… tell a story, then realized writing was my true passion so I wrote a book -> will upload it to amazon after 2 revisions. In the future I want to work with a talented programmer similar to you to make a game out of it as well :P!

  5. Hey dude awesome! Im currently reading unity pdf books (tutorials) to make my own 2d game on unity following your steps.

    Any advice ? im a cs graduate with low to mid programming skills, no art skills (but very willing to learn).

  6. I create game with full animation using unity, dont get anything for a month. And after some experience before i create fully 90% code and 10%animation the game like chatbot in chat messaging, i got around $80-$100/day or say it $2400-$3000/month.
    So make a game, you must smart. dont make a game you like. but make what people like.

  7. Hey Ivan, I think it's save to say that the game launched pretty successfuly, especially because it's your first release!
    Would you have any tips on launching a game? I mean, what did you think worked the best? Did got any "free" attention from the emails, or did it come all from what advertisment you paid for? And did you try advertising it with google ads, or something alike, as that's what I thought about.
    And also, what went better, the ingame purchases or the ads?
    The game looks really fun actually, I'll try it out now 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for this, Ivan. It's very motivating.
    If anyone here is interested in forming a team making shooter games or other genres, then please contact me.
    Good luck to all of you too.

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