How to add python and pip to PATH

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how to add python path

Open Explorer.
Right-click ‘Computer’ in the Navigation Tree Panel on the left.
Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom of the Context Menu.
Select ‘Advanced system settings’
Click ‘Environment Variables…’ in the Advanced Tab.
Under ‘System Variables’: Add.

Every time I have had to set up a new language on my computer I always forget how to properly install the language properly! With this video, it is a reminder for me as well as all devs out…

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  1. thanks from the bottom of my heart bro!!!!
    I was ill cuz' of the pip problem and your video helped me to get the problem solved
    I'm about to cry
    thanks bro!!!
    I've subscribed your channel and allowed notifications
    I've also liked your video

  2. thank you for this tutorial.
    I have installed numpy with pip.
    and I received this: which is not on PATH.
    Consider adding this directory to PATH
    How do I do that ?
    thank you

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