How To Download RLCraft! ( Java Edition / No Twitch )

How To Download RLCraft! ( Java Edition / No Twitch )

RLCraft link :
Minecraft Forge link :
Optifine link :

Just for me 🙂
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  1. this is honest to god the only time ive ever understood how to install a mod into minecraft and not a single word was said, thank you so fucking much i hate all these people overcomplicating everything

  2. First off thanks for posting this vid after hours of searching I found RLCRAFT!!!!!
    We have the same wall paper and I had your video paused fullscreen…. For a second their I thought your vid was my computer screen……

  3. thanks for this video it really helped! This video is a fifth of the time that the previous video took and this one actually helped me install RLcraft! you deserve more subscribers mate! keep it up!! 🙂

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