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  1. I had an old Nokia E52 and could not export contacts so i typed them out and saved as a csv (three columns, first name, last name and number) I imported that into a new group in mac contacts, then had to add the '0' on them all (pain) then exported the group as a vcf and uploaded to Google contacts – I have synced the phone as you have but I would really like to import them into the device itself! But cannot figure out a way to do that directly. If anyone knows how! you'd be ahero

  2. i have a problem, i have a asus zenfone 5. now, my gmail is syced with my phone and i can see my contact but my phone creates a different contact for the email. ex. the name in my "mark" then i can see "mark" has a different contact that showing his email not his number or his name just his email at my contact in android phone. how can i hide the email contacts on my android phone?

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