How To Install Anaconda(Python) On Windows 10 ? 2018|Python|Anaconda

In this video i am going to show you How To Install Anaconda(Python) On Windows 10 ?

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  1. Hi Sir great video. I just wanna highlight one point which no data science video creator is focussing on. As you are aware of the fact that Anaconda and jetbrains have joined the forces to create a new pycharm for anaconda, the current anaconda version which is available on their home site doesn't have an Anaconda Navigator unlike previous versions which used to have a seperate navigator(Jupyter, Spyder, etc). So, could you please make a detailed video with proper installation steps on how to install and integrate the latest anaconda python version with pycharm. Please take this on priority as many students are facing similar kind of issue. Thankyou.
    (Link –

  2. you told every thing in anaconda navigator except environment option.
    please explain environment.
    because i have installed anaconda and after opening anaconda navigator i am trying to install the packages using gui interface but when i am selecting uninstalled package option in base (root) environment why it is showing 0 packages??? please reply

  3. Sir mene anaconda navigator install to kr liya pr last me finish krte time jo apne dono uncheck kiye hai mene bo nhi kiya to ab mere lc pr anaconda navigator show nhi ho rha only prompt show ho rha hai please help me sir

  4. Hi Thanks for the video, I am trying to build an app using flask bootstrap and python. I keep getting this error
    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I get this error when I execute the app

    jinja2.exceptions.UndefinedError: there is no parent block called 'scripts'.
    Please let me know the reason?

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