How to Install Eclipse & JDK for Java in Window 10 ,8,7

In this video tutorial learn how to download and install eclipse, this install includes downloading and installing the Java SE development kit. Eclipse software for making applications with Java.

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  1. SOME OF U MAY HAVE THIS ISSUE where u downloaded the jdk file he talked about but it just doesnt work, find ur jdk in program files folder under java folder-> open java folder, take that jdk-12 or whatever version u downloaded out (cut) and then go back to documents folder and find the folder labeled eclipse (assuming u extracted the eclipse zip file) and then open the eclipse folder, paste the jdk-## in there, rename that file as jre and then ur file will be located aka the error message "javaw.exe" cannot be found in your current path

  2. i am facing this issue with my eclips installation. unable to install the eclipse neon for window 64 bit boz of the error E:workspace.meta.log error. after the Java installing checked in command prompt (CMD), its ok connected( getting reply like in their video). but after eclips installation, getting this error (metadata error – showing in one window box ). i tried with different version of eclips, also changed the Java version and browsers too, but still showing same problem, it means i am blving in eclips problm and i changed the eclips stored locations ( workspace folder, in different folder,and also in destktop too), still facing same issue, pls help me to solve the problem. thank you in DV

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