How to install Qt Creator and SDK on Linux Ubuntu

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  1. hi i wanted to use Gstreamer with qt and c++ in windows environment but facing the problem while configuring gtreammer with qt creator. i am new in qt as well as i am new be in gtreammer also . so can you provide some tutorial video for binding gstreamer in windows environment with qt creator ?

  2. I will start folowing your tuts now, just one sugestion, update this video cause that page dont exist anymore, well it exists but for you to download from the website you need to register and say why you want the app for and all that, and after you do all that, still there is no run file for linux 🙁
    I already have QT working on my linux mint, but it is really hard to install via apt-get update and making all the configs for kits and all that stuff
    for a beginner in linux is to much troble, and people may loose interest on it if they dont get to install it at first…
    I'm following the tutorial only cause im tired of making opengl test apps and getting problems, so I want to see if QT is a better way for me to do it

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