How to Migrate Your Android Studio Project to AndroidX (And Why)

In this tutorial we will learn how to migrate an existing Android Studio project, to use the new AndroidX (Android Extension Libraries) dependencies.
The Android support libraries like appcompat-v7 and material design, as well as the Architecture Component libraries, have been refactored into the androidx namespace to provide simplified package names, more granular dependency artifacts and independent, semantic versioning.
This requires us to add different dependencies into our project level…

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  1. before this tutorial, I was thinking AndroidX is a very tough thing. but after watching your video, it is quite clear and total understands it… great tutorial… keep it up

  2. Hello dude, thanks for explaining all stuff but I need to ask you something after I migrated my project to AndroidX I get R error, I mean, I can't reach all the items which are connected to R. How can I solve this? Do you have any idea? Cause I couldn't find solution in the net

  3. Can u help me with something?
    I'm having a problem with androidx , with fragments , i can't change them on the bottomnavigationmenu , it's giving an error with the , i've used the same code on appcompat , and it worked fine.

  4. Hey bro, amazing series. I started with the official MVVM Android introduction, but now that you've decorticated it it's way more clear to me. One thing I wanted to suggest you, use the ConstraintLayout in your tutos instead of the old views, it's so fun and handy!
    All the best from Belgrade

  5. Can you help with a problem im having? I'm trying to retrieve a single object from the android database we made. I want to call on the view model to ask the repo for the object by giving it an id to query in an async task. I've tried everything but I always get errors that its on the main thread.

  6. Thank you so much! After i migrate to androidx, i have a problem, my firestore adapter fecth data into recyclerview is not working,have error, please solve it!!!

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