Huawei's Mate 30 Pro is a powerful camera in an almost-Android phone

You probably won’t want to use it in the US though.

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  1. P30 pro zooming capability is NOT the same as mate 30 pro. This is very important feature and you can get it wrong, tells me how careless you are

  2. we all will have a broken screen as there s no existing protection which protects the angle of the screen. nice planned obsolescence invention. well made Huawei.

  3. The way she speaks, her tone, is very, very strange. It's so obvious, she's trying to be irony Every time she talks about an advantage of the phone. disliked the video.

  4. The best camera + Android open source + no google, facebook or microsoft crap, thats my next phone, i dont need Huawei to sell zillions of it, just the one for me is enough, too complicated for you? then stick with others.

  5. I listen music on phone, but the Huawei Mate 30 pro doesn't have hardware volume rocker, it has much annoying to adjust the volume, the double tap is off when music experience.

  6. THis is a lame review. Totally doesn't address any of the compromises in these extreme photo capabilities. THe P30 did cool things, but not without caveats. Typical Chinese everything is wonderful favorable review of a corporation. WHat is the point of a screen on the side of the phone. It just makes it WAY MORE VULNERABLE TO DAMAGE, and a CASE CAN"T PROTECT THE SIDES! STUPID!

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