Infinite Flight Update Version 18.3 for Android and iOS Devices

What’s New in the update
(Version 18.3 for Android and iOS devices)

CRJ-900 with II liveries, Cockpit, Cabin cameras, wing flex, landing gear and door animations.

Update A318, A319, A320 and A321 with new liveries, wing flex, new landing gear animations.

Update level of detail improvements.

New and Update airport.

So we will begin to see reworked A330s, A340s, A380s, 777s, 737s, 757s, 767s, 747s etc…

So we’ll begin to get a wider fleet of aircraft with that eye catching wing…

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  1. They completely messed up this game by making it so that u have to pay monthly to get planes … the dumbest shit ever , it should be a pay once then that’s it …

  2. Piss off everyone
    They’re not going to make multiplayer free. They need money as a company, as developers.
    If you can’t afford it, go outside, now a lawn, wash a car, earn the money.

    Now imagine doing that work for nothing. Not fair right? that’s why they won’t make it free.

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