Intro to Android NDK – 03 – Installation

Part 3/10

While most Android apps are written in pure Java, Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK) enables us to access code written in C/C++ via Java Native Interface (JNI). This is often done in the name of performance, or to take advantage of existing legacy code-base.
In this tutorial, we will see what NDK is, why we would use it, and build a simple application to see how to get started.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial, it helps me a lot.

    I have a question about the real PATH that I have to have on my system, [PATH]/android-ndk/r10e/ or [PATH]/android-ndk/?

  2. Hi Aleksandar,
    First, thank you for sharing these great tuts.
    Question: should I download the NDK everytime there is an update to it?
    Perhaps a better question would be: when should one update/download NDK to fit the current/updated Android SDK?


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