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  1. @KnocksX That's why Google developed NaCl, but this is for cross platform games which is much easier to do with tons of abstraction and most of them aren't very demanding.

  2. There is a flaw at the very foundation of every effort about gaming done by Google so far: browser gaming sucks.
    If they want a serious gaming business they should try to replace DirectX with an open source equivalent (there is OpenGL, but it's nowhere near as good at the moment) to destroy Microsoft's monopoly and *THEN* focus on online interaction.
    Instead they keep caring just about silly, cheap productions made to run in a browser.
    Adding an additional layer of software isn't efficient.

  3. Nothing beats developing natively for the target platform with a specific architecture in mind. Otherwise you're wasting CPU cycles at best or, even worse, running into performance issues.

  4. I NEED HELP!!!!! DOCUMENTATION: SOUND, PHYSICS box2d, HELP PLEASE…ANY TUTORIALS?? My environment is all set up… i just need a guide… im kind of new in Eclipse and Java but im a quick learner and know C/C++ Javascript..etc Any tutorials out there? Thank You in advance

  5. If you're developing content for HTML5, would it not be kinda silly to develop for Flash at the same time?

    Beyond that, AIR seems to be the best method to deploy to multiple platforms at the current time, meaning deploying essentially independent apps to Android, iOS, Blackberry and probably Windows Phone on top of inevitable support for the Flash Player on desktop.

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