Introduction to Interactive Predictive Analytics in Python with scikit-learn

Olivier Grisel
The goal of this tutorial is to give the attendee a first experience of machine learning tools applied to practical software engineering tasks such as language detection of tweets, topic classification of web pages, sentiment analysis

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  1. Olivier GriselCan you please explain , how do u convert categorical feature into number, if u represent blue , red Ā and purple as either 1 or 0, u made all 3 same ( i did not get that really)

  2. Thank-you so much for publishing your lecture. In an attempt to help others … If you copy and paste the url…It displayed the last part of the address as " /2012/community/tu%C2%ADtorials/195/ " for me. Others may want to check this url and remove the " %C2A" to get the correct url with the owrd tutorials intact.

  3. looks like data is not downloaded by default in the tutorial files. using the below worked for me:

    fetch_20newsgroups(subset='train', categories=categories, shuffle=True, random_state=42, download_if_missing=True)

  4. great tutorial. thanks for sharing.

    when i try to do the text analytics part, it says 'No handlers could be found for logger "sklearn.datasets.twenty_newsgroups".

    I downloaded from the webpage in your comments, followed all instructions… and other tutorials work fine. let me know if there's anything i am missing.


  5. Actually the link works but maybe youtube is inserting additional chars to prevent linking from the comments (for spam and link farms).

  6. Here are the tutorial setup instructions along with a link to the downloadable archive with all the material (text, exercises and solutions):

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