Java 3D Game Development 52: More Animation Features!

3D Opengl Game development log videos with commentary about my indie Java RPG game.

Particle effects and sound effects have been added to the animation system this week!

Facebook Page:

The Team:

Erik Quick: Wizard hat, rustic bench, new armour, Great Sword, Combat Icons, Overhanging House
Aleksander Długosz: Spirit Short Sword, Tribal Spear
Niklavs: Headwear Shop Icon
Christopher Jubell: Weapon & Tent market stalls, Shadow Battle Axe, Spirit Power…

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  1. When you were giving the example for the particles's sound effects near the pond. Once the sound went off the bear was like "Let me get the fuck out of here" lmfao. Fantastic game so far! Have quite a few episodes left.

  2. I've learned a lot from your tutorials and created a Dark Souls-Esque Hack and Slay game with the bare gameplay available, yet I have no idea how to import Animations.

    Do I have to assign Verticies to a specific Bone (marked by weight) and then use various transformation matricies along the bone, like an offset, as soon as it moves? 

    How did you get so skilled? .-.

    I'm jealous, make a patreon and take my money. ♥

  3. How did you blend multiple animations together? I've tried multiply my bones matrices by all the animations I wish to be blended but it looks terrible! 

    Thanks in advance

  4. don't you think it would be time to start advertising for your game? If you wrote some game magazine or so your game would surely get a lot of attention and the kickstarter campaign would most likely be a huge success!
    Also, will there be a dev log today?

  5. Do you plan making the game class based where every class have specific weapons and armor or everybody would be able to use any kind of skills and items ?

  6. Great work man. As always, you intrigue me with your descriptive dev logs that are somewhat humorous and enjoyable yet simple. Keep up the work. Can't wait to see your next update on your progressions!

  7. Nice! The game's looking good! As said in other comments, shadows are a definite must at some point in the near future. Also, are you planning to implement skinning for the player in the future, or is he staying like that?

  8. i didn't even notice your game has no shadows yet. which usually without shadows a game looks flat and depth may be confusing but it took me this long to notice. the benny box (search shadow mapping tutorial) seems to implement dynamic soft shadows rather easy, or so he says and he explains it a bit. i haven't gotten that far, but is probably a good start.

    but as always sweet video i can't wait to see all the progress you make it 2015!

  9. Im a game dev(indie) and sometimes I notice myself losing my drive/motivation, but whenever I see your vids it always inspires me to keep going. Love the look of the game so far 😀

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