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  1. My carpet is so scared of me right now.
    I recently got her and honest to god all she does when she's on me is try to escape or slither away. She's slightly younger… nowhere near as friendly as my late carpet.

  2. Awesome video. He is so beautiful.
    I notice you also have a cat, how did you find integrating them? I recently got a Jaguar X Jungle Carpet, he was already 18 months and not bitey, he is an angel. I was told my cat has to be out the room when I handle my beautiful boy. Have you any tips for me please? Thanks

  3. See, here is thing – I questioned it, as I think he has some Irian Jaya in him, but Karen over at allreptiles assures me he's pure jungle. The breeder has mom and dad on site. He has cool patterns. Either way, I love him.

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