Keynote (Android Dev Summit '19)

Event keynote featuring Dave Burke, VP of Engineering and Steph Cuthbertson, Senior Director of Product Management.

Presented by: Dave Burke, Stephanie Cuthbertson, Tian Lim, Romain Guy, Karen Ng

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  1. Google must get rid of this lifetime ban from play store, lets change it to temporary ban like 1 to 5 years ban !! this will be great for devs and the store !!

  2. Compose is stupid. Designing the ui in code is just confusing, it is much cleaner to do that with the designer and xml and separate the design from code. Compose also makes the activity and fragments god classes and pollutes them with view logic. XML is already declarative, why make it harder by doing it through code.

  3. Why do speakers insist on vocalizing their life story and the `history of computers`, or `history of android` at beginning of such talks? As if any of that is applicable to what android devs are doing in 2019 and beyond….

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