Learn Java Tutorial 1.7- Creating Constructors in Java

The constructor helps us to “construct” or build objects, such as setting some initial variables, methods, etc. This Java tutorial will show you how to build and use a constructor.

Get the source code and more information about this video tutorial in the blog post:
http://bit.ly/ZtLaSY .

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  1. Currently taking a Java class and my teacher just writes code and we follow along. He doesn't explain anything and it's just about time for finals. I've been watching your vids up to this point and they have helped me so much already. Working on a little racetrack program rn and this vid helped a ton.

    I plan on cracking open a beer and coding along with you because you EXPLAIN things in a way I understand! So Thank you! I'd be failing without ya.

  2. OoOoOooooo mind blown, now i understand already how the program flows @Episode 47. I was watching from other channel tutorial and searched it again because of not explaining deeper.

  3. "Because other programmers will hate you and burn your house down."
    Best quote from a tutorial I've ever heard! I've been looking for Java tutorials all over the internet and one of my friends sent me to you! I am loving this series thank you very much.

  4. Thanks SO MUCH this really helped me out with java and will watch the rest of the series. but i do recommend making a series about doing this to create a clone of minecraft when it was just break and place blocks that would really help and i love this videos so i subscribed

  5. Can I take private classes from you, I really love game programming on scratch so I want to move on to some more advanced stuff like actual coding. Hit me up for a reply! 😀 thanks

  6. i learned 2 months of class in 4 hours watching your videos, my school sucks and it´s one of the best in my country. Thanks bro you´ll help me to graduate me.

  7. If anyone cares to make your lessons more challenging so that you learn more, make little programs that are fun and easy to use utilizing what he teaches you in each video. I made a program that asks you what you want your dogs name and breed to be and then stores those in the name and breed methods.

  8. ummmm okay well not just that i didn't understand this video but i got REALLY confused too, is that normal and will get the hang of it by time or is it the lack of my intellect?? xD

  9. And how could I make the user write the dog's age with scanner???
    why is this showing up?
    Your dog's age is java.util.Scanner[delimiters=p{javaWhitespace}+][position=1][match valid=true][need input=false][source closed=false][skipped=false][group separator=.][decimal separator=,][positive prefix=][negative prefix=QE][positive suffix=][negative suffix=][NaN string=Q�E][infinity string=Q∞E]-
    Pfff I'm exhausted…

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