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  1. Amazing, informative video. I hope no one watching tries to do this themselves without a skilled professional helping them.
    Lastly, as a mom of 4 that had a really bad birthing experience once, the video made me squirm remembering the pain. A necessary procedure, as well as potentially live saving, the poor snake had to be in pain. Just watching made my coochie want to suck a lemon. (A good ol' southern saying. ?) TMI?

  2. One thing to note is that if you are not experienced… please please do not go poking around aimlessly inside of your snake… bring your animal to a vet , or at the very least get advice from someone experienced who has done this before…. it is very easy to cause irreparable or fatal damage to your snake! Thank you for showing this Kevin!

  3. Poor thing but I bet she feels better having those three eggs out of her and I’m hoping she passes the others on her own. Please let us know how she goes!

  4. By far the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, and informational channel on youtube. Your such a wealth of knowledge and you explain things so well that i think you should have been a professor of veterinarymedicine, you missed your calling (no lie you explain better than my instructors in college). Thank you for shariing your every day life with us and taking the time to explain yourself in such an understandable way?

  5. Sometimes I gag picking up my dog’s shit in the grass, but I absolutely can watch 10 mins of Kevin pulling rotten slugs from out a snake cloaca without batting an eyelash. Forever my hero and ultimate badass! And Blood Python mama really was a trooper, poor baby! Hoping for an easy recovery for her!

  6. Thank you for sharing this, hopefully most of us never have to deal with this situation, but I would definitely recommend showing this video to your Veterinarian, if you have to do this, and letting your Vet do this, for anyone who doesn't have Kevin's level of experience and availability to the correct antibiotics. Curious if you would automatically retire a female who does go through this or will time tell?

  7. Great video although I wish it didn’t have to happen. Poor mama, is it possible she will pass the last few eggs on her own or will you definitely have to remove them? I hope she’s feeling better soon, even just having those three rotten eggs and all the yuck you pulled out must be a huge relief. Get well soon mama! X

  8. Kevin's knowledge on all of his reptiles is just fucking amazing.. you're such a boss Kevin. I always learn so much from watching your videos. Please never stop! Keep up the great work NERD crew!

  9. aahh poor baby ive had surgery for a retained placenta after i had my 1st son so i really feel for her the procedure is very simular they go in manually and scoop it out by hand luckily my other 3 labours were smooth goes to show egg laying isnt the easy way out we think it is! also proves how weak we can be if thyd gone in without numbing me from the waist down id have probably gone into shock from the pain

  10. Thank you so much for this video, it'll be an amazing help if problems ever arise in the future (I'm not currently planning on breeding, but who knows, maybe eventually?) and even if they don't I greatly appreciate new knowledge being added to my existing pool. It's good to see your thorough, methodical take on the process and it's abundantly clear every glimpse I get into your work that you definitely know what you're doing and these animals are in very good hands!

  11. That’s what I have to find is a source to be able to get Antibiotics and or other situations tested out etc. What % chlorohexadine solution would you use ? Nobody within 100 miles knows anything I guess , searched all over and state college is it from what I understand. Thank You again man great Job dude Fak ya, and honestly I’d turn to you over any Vet for information due to pure knowledge and experiences

  12. Kevin’s wife must be a very lucky woman?? but on a serious note I love that he’s educating people on how to do this themselves I feel like there not a lot of reptile veterinarians around and the ones that are around are very expensive keep up the awesome content and I would love to see more health related videos like this

  13. Thanks for the share Kevin, traumatic for the snake but totally necessary to help her as much as you can. The side of breeding that happens and good to show people what can go wrong and not always is it smooth sailing. Of course, for the average person, dont try this yourself, do go to a vet as l know l would.

  14. Excellent educational video and information guys and definitely important to anyone breeding their snakes !! Something I've always wondered about if you wouldn't mind responding is would it be a common cause of prolapse after a female has been egg bound in the future with larger meals? Out of my own curiosity because it's a topic there is seldom little about to any extent of any future problems for any female that was at one time egg bound !! Thank You !!

  15. Very helpful. Looks brutal but I understand it's necessary. this is a side of snake breeding no one wants to show. Great video Kevin hope to see an update on this girl

  16. Wow. Sorry your girl is going through that but shes very lucky to have someone whose knowledgeable and doing what they have to in order to save her – but doing it safely and not just guessing and going all gung ho!

  17. Poor thing! That has to be very uncomfortable on so many levels before, during and after. She has to feel a lot better already with the 3 eggs outta her. Luckily she has the best person possible caring for her! Amazing job Kevin! You always educate and keep my attention through the whole video. I hope everything goes well with her and she's able to recover without any lasting issues of any sort. Please give us an update on her in a few days! Have a good rest of your Sunday!

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