Minecraft – AUTOMATIC ( AFK ) TREE FARM [ Redstone Tutorial ] Bedrock / Console / Java

Help me get to 300k ! Join SQUAD6?✅ http://bit.ly/2uKXEed ✅In today’s Bedrock Edition tutorial I will show you how to build an EASY AUTOMATIC AFK TREE FARM for Minecraft Bedrock | MCPE ? 1.12 & 1.13 Pocket Edition / XBOX One / Windows 10 / Switch | Village and Pillage Update | BETA | Java ? 1.14 & 1.15 + Snapshot | Console ? PS4 R10 | PS3 Xbox 360 WiiU. If you enjoy the video, drop a like? and Subscribe to my Minecraft channel for DAILY Redstone Tutorials , Lets Plays &…

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  1. Hey guys I have a new server called High Horizons, it would be amazing if anyone could add me to ply this survival world. 🙂 bless everyone! This farm worked like a charm!

  2. I seem to have a small issue. Occasionally when a tree grows, a leaf block will grow on top of the comparator which pushes me back and blocks my vision of the dirt where you put the saplings. Just wondering if the would be a solution for this. Great video Skippy. <3

  3. Couple questions…
    1) does the dispenser stop dispensing bonemeal when there is no sap to hit and/or when you are at max grown trees?
    2) is there a simple way to auto plant saps using this same design?

  4. I love how you say afk farm but the push limit is only gonna last for like 1 minute? not trying to be rude also if you want to make a better version of this try using observers and make more than one wall pusher also add tnt

  5. Don't think this still works on Bedrock on Xbox one I did it exactly on creative and the Pistons do not push the tree forward by itself you have to trip the repeater manually to move the tree unless I missed something

  6. Can someone please help I made it fully the only time it actually works is if I flip the repeater then the Pistons push the tree to the side other than that it doesn't automatically do it what did I do wrong?

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