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  1. Midweek on the playing field
    Sir thwacks you in the knees
    Knees you in the groin, elbow to the face.
    Bruises bigger than dinner plates…The Headmaster Ritual, The Smiths

  2. European dominance? England's the only northern hemisphere team to have won a world cup. South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have two each. Watch a Heineken Cup match and then watch Super Rugby, half of the players in the European competitions are kiwis.

  3. what about britain? or germany? or china (yes, they are in fact setting up camps in northern afghanistan, for example)? or france? or the aztec? or the mayan? or the inca? or the romans? or alexander the great? or egypt? or the mongols? or russia? or songhai? or the arabs? or the babylonians? or the persians? or the belgians? or the vikings? or the trojans?

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