Moto Z Force Droid vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Moto Z Force Droid goes up against the iPhone 6s Plus in our new video comparison! Who’s going to win this battle in the eternal struggle between Android and iOS? Watch and find out!

Moto Z Force Droid vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

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  1. Soooooo question. Since there are literally NO cute phone cases for motorola, will iphone 6 plus cases fit the moto z? I know the cameras are in different places i honestly dont care. I love my old starbucks case.

  2. Ok, boy you know that you're an Apple fanboy. Stop trying to keep the iPhone in the limelight, it's not working. You really just used your own uneducated opinions to make your fallacious points on each phone.

  3. Very biased towards the iphone. I have the z force and the battery blows the iphone out of the water. Especially with the battery mod (over 5700 mAh together). I never worry about it dying but my iphone friends are always carrying a charger.
    And the moto's micro sd slot supports 2tb of storage, not 200gigs.

  4. Here's the thing, you forgot that mods for the Z force droid give it a much higher battery life as it has an actual mod that doubles it's life and charges independently. And like you mentioned with the speakers the droid is much higher, so actually the only thing the iphone might excel at is the camera, which while even being slightly better does in no way justify it's ridiculous price because if memory serves the price on that phone was around $1000 when it came out and the price on the droid is around $600, massive difference.

  5. the z force gets way more than 7 hours of heavy use ,what a freaking lie… I easily get 9 or 10 and know damn well iPhone wouldn't get that, this review is skewed and not honest at all

  6. I agree with pretty much everything except for two things. the only reason the iPhone camera is better is because the colors are more vibrant while moto z displays realistic colors. and the battery life is way off at least from my experience. my friends have the iPhone 6s plus and we compared it to the Moto z force and the Moto lasted way longer.

  7. Not enough to give up your I phone..?water resistant.,expandable memory, wireless charging, better battery, better picture, and a lot more, just say you can't afford the note 7,Apple sucks

  8. The iPhone 6s Plus has a headphone jack, so it almost wins by default over the Moto Z Force Droid.

    When the lesser iPhone 7 arrives without a headphone jack, the Moto Z Force Droid will be on par with it. But both will be equally bad and poorly designed.

  9. would love to know what kind of test they put the phones through for battery life… 7 hours on moto z vs 9 hours on iphone really doesn't say a lot unless you say what you were doing with the phone

  10. What's wrong with you people? His review was fine, Moto's camera is never been as good as the iPhone camera and while the Moto Z has great customisation like all Android phones, Motorola doesn't and has never had the brand power of Apple or even Samsung (who I hate with a passion) and when it comes to support, updates and customer service, Apple wins hands down. Even the most ardent Android fanboy can't argue with me here.

  11. PhoneArena, if you guys are reading this. Go out, and find someone else to review tech.. This guy isn't the worst. But, I will definitely skip your videos with him in it.. I yawned a few times, and his biasness and lack of research, or sharing full info on a device is remarkable. Listen to your subscribers. We just want to help you, help yourselves. I'd hate to unsubscribe considering I've been a fan for a long time.

  12. If you listen to him on pocket now he isn't a apple fan boy. However he prefers older models phone like the Nexus 4 and the one plus x. So I don't think he has to deal with flagships that often. So that may mess up viewpoint some. Phonearena could also just be telling him what to say.

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