NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 ESP-12E Flashing Update Firmware using Python in windows Tutorial 2

NodeMCU V2 ESP8266 ESP-12E Flashing Update Firmware using Python in windows CMD Tutorial 2.
How to flash or upgrade NodeMCU V2 v1.0 ESP 12E firmware using esptool in windows command prompt with Python.

Item Required:
1. NodeMCU V2 (Hardware) –
2. ESPlorer (Software) –
3. Python 2.7.x (Software) –
4. CMD (windows)
5. NodeMCU Firmware (Firmware) -…

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  1. Communication with MCU..Got answer! Communication with MCU established.

    AutoDetect firmware…

    Can't autodetect firmware, because proper answer not received (may be unknown firmware).

    Please, reset module or continue.


  2. Nice video. I have killed one of My nodeMCU boards. 🙂 I have sent new sketch from Arduino IDE via OTA but forgot to change from arduino uno board in board manager to ESP board. Now My nodeMCU board is doing nothing, its' dead, not getting assigned any com ports when plugged in to PC usb port. Any suggestions how to fix that? Is there a way to flash ESP8266 firmware to factory settings?

  3. Thanks for the video. I am having trouble with my PC and Labtop picking the connection with the Nodemcu . I tried installing the silab driver twice already. Please help ..

  4. one more thing, at the end when you show the 'nodemcu 0.9.6 … ' when I tried I didn't worked but when I pushed the rst button it worked =D and super video good luck !

  5. Hey man when i try to do it i get this: v2.0.1
    Detecting chip type… ESP8266
    Chip is ESP8266
    Uploading stub…
    Running stub…
    Stub running…
    Erasing flash (this may take a while)…

    A fatal error occurred: Timed out waiting for packet content

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